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Our Mission

Our mission is to use real-world experience and up-to-date methods and tools to provide coaching and consulting to enlighten and transform individuals and organizations to deliver sustainable improvement.

About Maria Reynolds President and Owner of Delta Coaching and Consulting, LLC

My career at P&G offered me many exciting challenges within regional and global supply chain design and operations. And as a result of successfully meeting and often exceeding the requirements of those challenges, I have earned the reputation for consistently developing plans, driving decisions, and delivering results.

The services that I offer with Delta Coaching and Consulting are directly supported by my 28 years of Supply Chain Leadership experience with Procter & Gamble and my Master of Science Degree in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change (completed July 2018). I have an up-to-date toolbox of proven methods to provide significant support and solutions for success!

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What We Do

We offer a wide range of solutions and can adapt them to your business; large or small, for profit or non-profit, national (within the U.S.) or global, across multiple industries.

Overall we work in the industry called Business Consulting. There are three ways we can work with you:

  1. As a consultant – providing expert coaching and guidance
  2. As a contractor – bringing our people and their expertise to work beside your team to problem solve, achieve goals, and deliver results
  3. As a partner – often times a combination of #1 and #2 is delivered

“As a leader, my job is to love people. The work will get done, it always does. The question is, how do people feel in the end?”

Maria reynolds

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