About Delta Coaching and Consulting

Founded by Maria M. Reynolds in 2018, Delta Coaching and Consulting LLC Is located in Cincinnati. Maria’s life mission and personal passion have always been about finding ways to improve; both personally and professionally. This includes creating cultures where everyone is learning, growing, and contributing to their fullest potential. As such, our over-arching model is a triangle offering a continuous loop of enlighten, transform, and sustain. Embedded in that triangle is a crossroad where decisions are made. Here is where we will walk beside you help you see the paths you can choose.

Procter & Gamble Former Senior Supply Chain Leader

Mastery Level understanding of more than 12 core work processes including business planning, supply planning, innovation delivery, and physical distribution; all integrated across the supply chain.

Leadership positions at Procter & Gamble were across multiple business units, including Oral Care, Fabric Care, and Home Care. As part of the Product Supply Organization, Maria led the design, end-to-end operations, and optimization for multiple regional and global supply chains including the brands Tide®, Gain®, Cheer®, Era®, Ivory Snow®, Dreft®, Downy®, Crest®, Scope®, Fixodent®, and Glide®. She also was the North America Demand Manager and Sales & Operations Planning Leader for the brands Dawn®, Cascade®, Febreze®, Swiffer®, and Mr. Clean®. Notable innovation delivery included the launch of Tide® Pods, 2X compaction of Heavy Duty Liquids (Laundry), and Crest® Whitestrips.

Chosen for a key leadership role as part of four-person global team to strategize, design, and establish seven regional planning service center startups across the globe to consolidate, standardize, streamline, and reduce the cost of supply chain planning. This project delivered the largest productivity and process transformation in P&G history.

Champion for Inclusion and creating winning cultures. Led multiple culture teams and their respective action plans. This work led to the desire to further education in the Leadership and Organizational Development space; hence building the credentials to serve in this capacity beyond P&G.

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Northern Kentucky University (NKU) Master of Science (M.S.) in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change (ELOC)

Maria completed a Master of Science (M.S.) in Executive Leadership and Organizational Change (ELOC) in July 2018. This program prepares students to become enlightened transformational leaders. Graduates of this program are able to effectively and strategically transform their people and organizations. The ELOC program:

  1. Focuses on leadership and organizational change as the key components of effective management
  2. Develops competencies needed to succeed in these environments in a format that facilitates success
  3. Assesses and develops emotional intelligence leadership competencies
  4. Transfers the skills learned to coach and develop others
  5. Emphasizes change and transformation to effectively manage organizational change and growth
  6. Teaches how to effectively empower and involve employees in the organization

This innovative program applies the most current theories and practices on leadership and organizational change through multiple organizational levels: Individual, Team, Organizational Systems, Global Environment.

President Board of Directors for the Alumni Association at NKU

Maria recently completed her second term on the Board. Accomplishments included leading the development of an updated Vision, Mission, and Strategy for the Board of Directors and Councils of the Alumni Association that are fully aligned to the university’s Success by Design framework.

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