How can we help you?

We offer a wide range of solutions and can adapt them to your business; large or small, for profit or non-profit, national (within the U.S.) or global, across multiple industries.

Overall we work in the industry called Business Consulting. There are three ways we can work with you:

  1. As an expert – providing coaching and guidance
  2. As a contractor – bringing our people and their expertise to work beside your team to problem solve, achieve goals, and deliver results
  3. As a collaborator – often times a combination of #1 and #2 is requested and/or delivered

Supply Chain Design, Operations, and Optimization

End-to-end design, operations, and optimization of your supply chains. The goal of a well-designed and optimized supply chain is to deliver best-in-class customer service while minimizing your costs and inventory.

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Innovation Delivery

Bringing your idea to life by guiding a team or an organization through the process of delivering innovation. This includes designing, prototyping, project management, readiness assessment, and launch.

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Executive Coaching and Career Coaching

Providing coaching to help you to become a better leader, to create winning organizations, and to move your professional career forward. “Having someone who will push you and hold you accountable can make you strive for success and never become complacent.”

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Strategic Planning

Guiding leadership through Strategic Planning. Strategy defines how an organization plans to use its resources, including the financial and material assets as well as the skills and knowledge of its people to achieve its vision, mission, and overall objectives. The average timeframe covered in a strategic plan is three (3) years; yet can vary depending on the company and/or industry.

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Organizational Development

You must create and shape the organization that is best equipped to deliver your strategy. Building a winning culture requires deliberate design and organizational development. Imagine leading and working in an organization where everyone is contributing to their fullest potential!

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Change Management

Change is inevitable and is required to stay relevant and competitive. Today, more than ever, the pace of change is exponential. Leading an organization through change does not happen overnight. It takes skilled planning, communication, alignment, and execution. The key to any change is that it is effective and sustainable. We offer multiple adaptable Change Management Systems Approaches (including Readiness Assessments).

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“The greatest challenge for leadership in this era is to bring love into the corporate sphere.”

Peter ten Hoopen and Fons Trompenaars, THE Enlightened leader