Executive Coaching and Career Coaching

Providing coaching to help you to become a better leader, to create winning organizations, and to move your professional career forward. “Having someone who will push you and hold you accountable can make you strive for success and never become complacent.”

Executive Coaching

Enlightenment and transformation can be achieved through Leadership Assessments (360-degree Feedback) and Personal Development Plans. We have a large toolbox of assessments and can determine which ones can be applied. Examples of assessments used include:

  1. Leveraging Strengths
  2. Emotional Intelligence Competencies
  3. Global Leadership

Executive coaching sessions are available in packages of 6-sessions and 12-sessions. Each session typically lasts an average of two (2) hours, yet there is not a time-limit on a session. We will use as much time as desired.

Career Coaching

Know that career decisions made today will determine and/or support where you will be in the next 3+ years, and possibly beyond. You must be deliberate in planning your career to reach your professional goals! We will spend time exploring your story, preliminary goals, and desired outcomes. Data can be collected through assessments, feedback, and personal reflection. We will then walk you through the process of developing a Career Plan while taking into account the whole person. We can also assist in execution of the actions to bring your Career Map to life including writing Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles, job search, interviewing, negotiating, personal branding, education/training, the power of formal coaches/sponsors/mentors, and networking and advocacy.

Career coaching sessions are available by the hour, at an hourly rate. There is no time limit per session. The first 30-minute discovery session is free.

“Maria Reynolds has been instrumental in guiding me to be more effective as a leader. She understands the dynamics of successful and effective leadership and is able to translate these into helpful action steps. Our current initiative to change our organizational culture is a direct result of her advice and counsel. Including her mentorship as part of the process has made all the difference, we are underway and are having great results!”

John Thornburg - Upper School Director The Summit Country Day School