Innovation Delivery

Bringing your idea to life by guiding a team or an organization through the process of delivering innovation. This includes designing, prototyping, project management, readiness assessment, and launch.

How We Drive Innovation

Design Thinking Workshop (5-Step Process) is a fun and interactive approach to designing solutions. Plan for a full day away from the day-to-day to get your creative juices flowing!

Our consultants can provide Project Management, Change Management, and Critical Path Scheduling (CPS) by using Microsoft Project and Critical Path Schedules to coordinate all activities required to deliver your new ideas and solutions. We use a proven Methodology to bring innovation to life, from Design to Launch. Steps can be tuned depending on the size and delivery timing of the project.

“It has been a real pleasure to partner with you on creating the culture in North America Home Care. Your vision and leadership to help clarify what was possible with a straight talk culture and the power and importance of having psychological safety as the foundation. Brilliant!

I am reminded of the coaching you provided me regarding our Engagement Day and the need to have women present on the stage. The conversation was much bigger than a gender conversation but more about having a diverse presence of both “head and heart” and each of these characteristics manifest themselves more often in men (head) and heart (women). Getting this right resulted in a more engaged audience and a higher satisfaction rating of the event.”

Juan Bailey - Associate Director - Human Resources, North America Home Care Procter & Gamble