Strategic Planning

Guiding leadership through Strategic Planning. Strategy defines how an organization plans to use its resources, including the financial and material assets as well as the skills and knowledge of its people to achieve its vision, mission, and overall objectives. The average timeframe covered in a strategic plan is three (3) years; yet can vary depending on the company and/or industry.

What we do

Analysis of Industry is a tool that facilitates a company’s understanding of its position relative to other companies that produce similar products or services. Understanding the forces at work in the overall industry is an important component of effective strategic planning.

Mission and Vision Statements define the overall purpose of an organization and the ideal state that the organization wants to achieve. These are critical in providing overall direction to your organization ad are key initial steps in the Strategy Development process.

Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures (OGSM) captures your strategy in a grid format that will allow leaders to deploy their overall direction and plans to organizations. This is a great way to bring your strategy to life!

Closing the Gap/Increasing the Top Line and Bottom Line requires that you track progress against the strategic plan, identifying gaps, and making interventions where necessary.

“I had the pleasure of working with Maria for ~2 years. During that time, I was able to first hand see her contributions to not only managing a complex supply chain but also working to drive to a better culture in our organization. In her supply chain work, she was collaborative and detail oriented while staying strategic and solutions focused. From a culture development standpoint, Maria was always the voice in the room trying to drive the right behaviors and set the best culture for the organization—she truly wanted to make our organization a better place to work. Some people join culture work groups to get exposure. Maria was part of those groups because it was her passion and her strength.”

Kiley Black Rechtin, Manager of Finance & Accounting, North America Home Care Procter & Gamble